Want to design energy-efficient & cost-optimal buildings worldwide?

Then the Passive House standard is what you are looking for, and this course is for you! Here you will learn first-hand from experts at the Passive House Institute, everything from how to define the thermal envelope to how to overcome frequent planning and construction challenges. These modules are aimed at all building professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors and builders. All you need is a good level of English (B2 or equivalent), basic knowledge of Building Physics, as well as the ability to use Microsoft® Excel.



Choose knowledge modules that fit your professional challenges

From basic knowledge on the subject of highly energy-efficient buildings to qualification as a "Certified Passive House Designer" and PHPP Expert - PHI offers course modules of varying depth:


Module 1:

Building envelope, Building Services 1 

04. - 06.11.2019

In lectures, workshops and discussions you will gain indispensable knowledge about the opaque and transparent areas of an energy-efficient building envelope. Further focal points are the planning of ventilation systems and the checking of air tightness.

Module 2:

Building Services 2, economics

07. - 08.11.2019

This second module focuses not only on the refurbishment and economic efficiency of energy-efficient measures, but also on the heating and cooling of highly energy-efficient buildings. In addition, you will gain more detailed knowledge about passive house components and material properties.

Module 3:

PHPP Basics

11. - 12.11.2019

Learn how energy-efficient buildings and renovations can be individually planned simply and reliably - with the Passive House Project Planning Package (PHPP), the energy balancing and planning tool for efficient buildings and modernizations.

Module 4:

3D Data Models for PHPP


Learn how to import data from the popular BIM tool into PHPP. You will also get to know the SketchUP plug-in "designPH", which can be used to model buildings directly in 3D, optimize them and then conveniently transfer them to PHPP.

Module 5:

PHPP Advanced


Familiarize yourself with additional functions of the PHPP! Learn more about entering more complex non-residential buildings, evaluating efficiency options with variant calculation, and pre-certifying step-by-step modernizations.

Module 6:

Thermal bridges and PHPP


Acquire in-depth knowledge on the subject of thermal bridges - indispensable for the energy-efficient planning of complex buildings. You will also learn how to calculate thermal bridges using the free THERM program.




This workshop prepares you optimally for the exam to become a "Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant". In addition to many repetitions and exercises, there will be plenty of time to answer your questions.

Afterwards feel free to visit a Passive House near by as the Passive House Open Days take place from 8-10 November 2019. 

Prerequisite for participation in these courses/workshops is the e-learning course "Passive House Fundamentals":

This approx. 3-day e-learning module is available online at any time and from anywhere - for a tailor-made learning experience and optimal course preparation without travel and accommodation costs. (This requirement does not apply if participants in Modules 4-6 are or have been "Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants".)





Passivhaus Institut, Rheinstraße 44/46, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany


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Become a Certified Passive House Designer!

The modules 1-3 are a optimal preparation for the exam to become a "Certified Passive House Designer/-Consultant. The Review completes our offer.

The exam is not part of the course, but can be attended at particulary exam dates at accredidated course providers, e.g. on the 7.12.2019 at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

The purchase of the PHPP or a valid PHPP registration number is required to register for the exam..


Would you like to be one our first PHPP Experts?

If you attend the modules 4-6 you are perfectly prepared for the additional exam "Certified PHPP-Expert", e.g. on the 07.12.2019 at the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

Prerequisite for the participation in this additional examination is the valid certificate "Passive House Designer/Consultant" or the participation in the examination "Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant" on the same day.

The qualification for examination includes the submission of a homework assignment (PHPP for a non-residential building). The task will be issued upon written request. For this please contact designer@passiv.de




This training was partly developed as part of the EU project AZEB ("Affordable Zero Energy Buildings") in order to improve the planning and execution processes of highly energy-efficient buildings and thus make them more cost-effective.





Cancellation Terms
If the participant cancels the course up to three weeks before the course starts, a processing fee of 15% of the course fee will be charged. In case of later cancellation, a fee of 50% of the course fee will be charged. Cancellation or termination after the start of the course can no longer be considered. The same applies in the event of non-appearance without prior cancellation.

Cancellation of the course by the PHI: Should the course be cancelled for an important reason (e.g. illness of the course instructor or insufficient number of participants), the course fee will be refunded in full.


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