Certified Passive House Designer or Consultant?


The titles "Certified Passive House Designer" and "Certified Passive House Consultant" are equal in terms of qualification with reference to the Passive House relevant knowledge of the certified persons. The requirements for attaining this certificate and for renewal are the same for both groups of people.

Normally, Passive House Designers work in planning offices on the concrete implementation of the Passive House Standard, while Passive House Consultants usually contribute to the dissemination of the Passive House Standard through their work as researchers or speakers, or as decision makers in government authorities.


A clear classification is not always easy on account of the diverse educational qualifications, professions and the legal provisions relating to buildings worldwide. For this reason, the PHI has specified two possibilities for classification as a "Certified Passive House Designer":

1st possibility:

Providing proof of an educational qualification which enables them to plan buildings or technical building systems independently. This means that this educational qualification has reached a certain level (e.g. diploma or bachelor degree) and that it has been attained in a specialised subject which primarily involves the planning of buildings or building services systems.

2nd possibility:

Providing proof of membership in an institution, the members of which are entitled to provide planning services which are subject to approval by a building authority (e.g. membership in a Chamber of Architects). In case of uncertainty, and outside of Germany, the course/examination host or the assessing body should be contacted.



It is enough to provide the course/examination host or the assessing body with a copy of the proof. If such proof is only obtained later on (e.g. taking an examination during training) then the attained title Consultant can be changed into the Designer title, after submitting proof of your qualification to the PHI. If no proof is submitted, then the Consultant title will be granted upon successful qualification. 



Educational qualification - Passive House Designer Certificate


- Architect or interior designer

- Civil or timber construction engineer

- Building physicist

- Building and energy technology engineer

- Building contractor

- Master carpenter

- Certified technician for structural engineering, building construction, heating plumbing and ventilation technology or supply technology


Educational qualification - Passive House Consultant Certificate


- Degree in chemistry/analytical chemistry, electrical engineering or
  manufacturing engineering

- Engineering degree in environmental technology and resource management

- Construction industry environmental safety technician 

- Environmental engineer

- Gas, plumbing and ventilation systems technician

- Woodwork technician 

- Certified technician for electronics

- Energy consultant

- Architectural draftsman

- Geometrician

- Woodwork technican for window installation

- Managing director

- Property sales manager/estate agent

- Economist



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