Qualification by means of a Passive House project documentation


This is an alternative method for attaining the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant certificate. You need to plan and document in detail a certified Passive House building, EnerPHit retrofit or PHI Low Energy Building. "Planned" in this context means that you exercised full responsibility for the project planning with the PHPP and the building design.

Submission of a Passive House project documentation can be used for the initial qualification or for the renewal of the certificate. For a building, only one person may be certified as a Passive House Designer/Consultant through project documentation (exceptions are possible with complex buildings according to the exam regulations).



Qualification through project documentation can take place through PHI accredited assessment bodies. They will send the project documentation to the PHI after the first review. Issue of the certificate will take place after the second checking by the PHI. After successful certification, the PHI will send you the certificate and the respective seal in digital form via e-mail. In addition your contact data and the project documentation will be published on this website. Further information can be found in the examination regulations.

Qualification by means of a project documentation is subject to a feecharged by the assessing body. It includes the costs for services provided by the PHI.


The documented building must fulfil the following conditions:



Why is certification of the building necessary?

Some Designers are faced with the problem that building certification was not applied (i.e. there was no independent checking of the planning in accordance with the specifications of the Passive House Institute) for the building independently designed by them and for which they wish to submit project documentation. Because the planning of the building constitutes the basis for the certification as a Passive House Designer/Consultant, it is imperative to check whether the building according to the planning really is a Passive House, EnerPHit retrofit or a Low Energy Building meeting PHI criteria. This checking corresponds to building certification.

Building certification – as a basis for certification as a Passive House Designer/Consultant – can also be applied for by the Designer himself. In Germany, the new KfW funding for building certification may certainly prove helpful for this purpose. Synergies may result additionally with regard to the fees if a building certifier who is simultaneously accredited as an assessing body is chosen.

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