Initial qualification through a written examination


One of two ways to obtain the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant certificate is through the successful completion of a written examination.

Exams are offered at regular intervals by exam providers in cooperation with the Passive House Institute on a contractual basis. These are usually institutions which provide preparatory courses. Exam dates are fixed by the Passive House Institute (see below). A list of course/exam providers that have been accredited by the Passive House Institute can be found here.


Please note: The written examination can only be used for the initial qualification. Renewal cannot take place by means of of a written examination, even when the previous certificate has already expired.


Anyone can register for the exam at any date offered by any course/exam provider. Please fill in Appendix II (Application for admission to the examination) in full and hand the signed application to the course/exam provider.


The duration of the exam is three hours and the exam must be taken in writing. The exam questions will be prepared by the Passive House Institute. 

The written examination will be marked by the course/exam provider. The certificate will be issued by the Passive House Institute and sent to successful participants together with the respective seal in digital form via e-mail, after a second marking by the Passive House Institute has taken place. The contact data for certified designers/consultants will be published on this website if so desired. This will allow Passive House Designers/Consultants worldwide to be found under the heading "Search for certified Passive House Designers/Consultants" on the right.



Exam fees will be charged to participants by the respective course/exam providers. The costs for services provided by the Passive House Institute (second marking, issue of the certificate and inclusion of the certificate holder on this website) will be paid by the course/exam providers.


Further information can be found in the examination regulations. The content-related requirements for the examination can be found in the catalogue of learning targets.



Examination dates



Saturday Mar. 12, 2016 | Friday Jun. 03, 2016 | Saturday Oct. 08, 2016 | Friday Dec. 09, 2016