Renew your certificate by submitting a project documentation


You can submit your project documentation not only to the Passive House Institute but also to other assessing bodies and documentation may be submitted in all the languages offered by the respective assessing body (only a summary in English is required in addition)


But what if...


No problem! By submitting a project documentation, it is possible to renew a certificate at any time, even if your certificate has already expired some time ago.

It is not that serious... besides certified Passive House buildings or EnerPHit retrofits, PHI Energy Saving Buildings are also suitable for a project documentation.

A possible solution: You can also apply for certification yourself. This is worth considering in the case of smaller projects with low certification costs! Please contact one of the many building certifiers around the world.

Renew your certificate through credit points


This list shows all courses and events (including credit points) that provide valuable knowledge about the Passive House and at the same time add further credit points to extend your valuable certificate after the five-year term. Collect further credit points from the start to stay in the profession!


The following examples are suitable for renewing of certificates:


• National and international Passive House Conferences and conventions

• PHPP courses for new versions of the PHPP

designPH courses

• courses regarding EnerPHit (the established standard for refurbishment of existing buildings using Passive House components)

But what if...


Send an email with confirmation of your attendance and the agenda of the event to

Yes, it is very demanding: you have already provided proof of a high standard of further training by attaining your certificate. Now you can show your clients that you have continued to gather experience and are up to dare by listing all your qualifications!



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